General Information

The European Clarinet and Saxophone Society is open to all individuals, institutions and companies interested in promoting clarinet and saxophone. The primary objective of EuroCass is to bring together musicians from Europe with common interests, and to recognise the individual differences, the national identity, cultural inheritance, age, artistic taste, and amateur or professional experience; elements which enrich our community.
The Society promotes clarinettists and saxophonists and recognizes the importance of these musical instruments in national and international communication and cultural understanding. EuroCASS encourages the composition of single-reed music of excellence, which reflects national heritages and trancends international boundaries. EuroCASS will give members many valuable resources and organize events, including a European Conference in two years out of every three.

EuroCass objectives are:

  • Promote education, communication and greater understanding of the clarinet and saxophone between European countries by means of educational programmes, concerts, and events, and the production of a regular newsletter/magazine.

  • Promote activities celebrating the wide diversity of playing styles and national repertoires throughout Europe.

  • Encourage European exchange visits for performers, students and teachers.

  • Promote national societies within European countries, although they would remain autonomous.

  • Promote and develop national traditions and culture

  • Establish contacts with clarinettists and saxophonists at national and international levels.

  • Provide information about the work of clarinettists and saxophonists.

  • Share information and expierence between national organisations.